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A Web Page ALL about

Look it's Me, Piglet
Aint I Cute? I think so! ^..^

My Mom is just starting this page,
and she has some really cute pictures of me.
and she will add them as we go, ok.

This was my first day
with my new mom and dad
And look how she tortured me.
She put me in a sink and got me all WET!!!
But I guess it's ok, I love the
cuddling afterwards.

Here I am playing with my Daddy
Oh how I loved to play and tease him.
Especially early in the morning when he
had to get up and go to work.
Or when he sits on the couch rolling his Cigeratts.

This is how Mom and I spent time.
Always liked quite time with her.
She could get me to PURRRRR

Mommy calls this "Sleeping with the Enemy"
I call it, "Doing what I do Best"