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August 21, 1997
Crunch_man29 and Genie40
Met in Yahoo Chat.
In the Newbie/Oldbie Room

It started out with a nod hello
How are you today? She simply needed to know
A small smile, a bonk on the head.
A friendship formed, lots to be said.

Lots of friendly chitchat
about this, and about that.
Learning about each other.
Do you have a sister or a brother?

Their lives are so different,this is true.
But their friendship stood strong, and it grew and grew.
His world with its ups and downs,
and hers, spinning round and round.

Then Crunchman is gone!
Gone without a trace.
Leaving her behind,
With a frown upon her face.

A few months go by, no sign of crunch.
But Genie knows, she has a hunch.
Crunch re-appears, from out of the dark.
Enters the cabin, and lites a new spark.

He was warned about someone, he knows not who.
He didn't really care, is Genie he knew.
He smiles and nods, is glad to see his friend.
She lowers her eyes and tries to pretend.

Time goes by, things happen, who knows why.
But Crunch and Genie stand side by side.
Their friendship is tested, time after time.
They are made to feel like they have committed a crime.

Everyone knows, best friends they've become.
Their hearts grow fonder, but won't admit to anyone.
Even to each other, they must stand true.
Best friends is the best they can really do.

They decide to meet, he's going to her.
Will he like me? She's just not sure.
He's nervous and scared, but must follow his heart.
And he prays once they meet, that they will never part.

They meet at the airport, one look all it took.
She saw his smile, and knew she was hooked.
He looked up and saw her, shy as she was,
a big hug he gave her, and love has begun.

Now A New Beginning is just to start.
With smiles on their faces and love in their hearts.
She's packing her bags, heading his way,
With her true love, she plans to stay.....

Crunch_man29 and Lady_Timberwolf{genie40}
Were married November 28, 1998

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