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This is my first shot at doing my home page, so bare with me. Knowing myself, this site will always be under construction. It took me a while to get the courage to do a home page. I never thought I had anything interesting enough to say, when I realized this page was for me. A place to share my thoughts and my beliefs. I believe that we were all created the same, but different in many ways. I know that all who enter here may not have the same beliefs as I, but I still hope you will take the time to check it out, And not judge me,


Wolf_among_many, just became my name not to long ago. My faith leads me down the native path, and so i have found my animal guide (totem), Which turned out to be the wolf. I was very unsure about wanting the wolf as my guide, as it is a the leader of the pack. And I feel that I am no leader. In my dream, the wolf sat next to me and told me that I was 1 among many. So that is where my name came from. Wolf_among_many. Among the pack, they have teachers of the young, and that is where I feel i fit in. In this home page I wish to share with you my journey (path) of life, faith, and hopes for our future. So please join me as my journey continues

Wolf_among_many's spirit will always be alive inside me.

WE WON!!!!! :-)

Mi'gwetch to all that voted for me while I walked the White Horse Peace Trail
Because of you all, we recieved these awards and a place in the Winner Circle.
Without the help of my family and friends, I would never have done it.
Again, Mi'gwetch

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