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Home of my Heart

The other day, I was going through my pages
and I couldn't believe that I hadn't done a page
on my home State. I have lived in Arizona
now for 2 1/2 years, and don't get me wrong,
I love the SunShine, the Mountains, and the

But, when I close my eyes, those are not the
sights that I can picture in my mind.
It's the bright blue skies, that blend into the
blue color of the fresh water lakes and rivers.
It's the miles and miles of the mass timbers and
pines that reach for those bright blue skies,
that grow along side the roads and highways
that lead you to those lakes and rivers.
Those are things that I can see in my mind.

Here in Arizona, you can drive up a mountain,
and looking back down, the sights are breath taking.
Words cannot express the wonder or the beauty
that God has bestowed on this desert land.
But neither can those words describe the wonder
of the sights at night in Minnesota, as you lie out
beneath His skies and take in the breath taking
light show of His Nothern Lights. To reach up and
feel like you can touch the stars. There are no
words to describe these sights.

There is nothing like the smell of the fresh
crisp Minnesota air, on an early Spring morning,
or later Fall day. Or after a mid-days summers rain.
And of course (I can't believe I am saying this),
we can't leave out that first snow storm of the
winter season. Those big silky snowflakes that
land on your eyelashes, nose, and tongue, as you
stand outside, face lifted to the snow filled sky.
And even after months of snow and bitter cold, there
is nothing like the sound of the crisp cold crunch of
the snow, under your Sorrel (and 3 pairs of socks)
covered feet, as you walk through Gods winter
wonderland. Nope, there are no words to describe
these wonders. Wonders that we take for granted.
'til we no longer can do them.

Yes, Arizona may be where I reside,
but my heart will always belong to

Back to the Den

This is BabyTimber.
I adopted her (9/30/98).
I fell in love with her
the minute I saw her.
She roams the back woods
of Northern Minnesota.